Bangladesh Education Expo 2024: Unlock Endless Possibilities

 Bangladesh Education Expo 2024: Unlock Endless Possibilities

Explore educational opportunities at the Bangladesh Education Expo. Connect with top universities and discover the latest academic trends! The expo provides access to every detail, including scholarships, admissions information, career counselling, and networking opportunities.

Make sure you don’t miss this largest and most comprehensive education fair in the country, organized by the renowned marketing and event management firm, INPACE. So, are you excited to explore the world of education and discover new opportunities for your future? If yes, then let’s check out the whole program and its benefits!

The Ultimate Goal of the Bangladesh Education Expo

The expo aims to provide a one-stop solution for students seeking higher education, both locally and internationally.

Bangladesh Education Expo 2024” is the preeminent educational expo to establish an event as a dominant entity within the educational and professional spheres.

Most Bangladeshi youngsters seek career suggestions from family, relatives, and elders.

They give recommendations based on their experience, but they are not professionals.

What about students who want career and future guidance? To resolve this issue, INPACE is holding an educational exhibition to provide a solution.

Students from high school to any age who want to explore career options and select a study goal are welcome.

Global EdExpo will bring together several organizations under one roof.

Our Global EdExpo offers what students can study at home or abroad based on their interests, abilities, and possibilities.

Almost every year, education expos take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, organized by different organizations. So, if you missed Expo 2023, don’t make the same mistake this time!

Participants and Exhibitors

Esteemed representatives of over 350 prestigious academic institutions from around the globe will grace the event. Over 156 stalls will be set up in a 60,000-square-foot exhibition zone by the event organizers.

This event will be attended by representatives from various reputable local and international universities. Furthermore, several agencies will participate to improve the leading opportunity.


The event is anticipating over 25,000 attendees, 50+ local and international media coverage, and over 5 million social media impressions from the two-day Education Extravaganza. Moreover, you will get:

  • The opportunity to learn from over 350 universities around the world.
  • Knowledge about a variety of career options.
  • An immediate evaluation from university representatives.
  • Information on scholarships offered by every top-ranked university.
  • Assistance and guidance regarding universities, in addition to knowledge regarding the application and processing of visas
  • Acceptance of applications by university representatives.
  • Career guidance from university professors and business icons.

What is the Bangladesh Education Expo, Dhaka 2024 Offering?

INPACE, a leading marketing and event management firm, is organizing the Bangladesh Education Expo 2024, the largest educational fair in the country. This occasion has the potential to establish itself as the preeminent educational exhibition for students commencing their pursuit of higher education.

This international education expo is providing the following:

Scholarship Offerings

Numerous internationally renowned universities from Canada, Australia, and many other countries are providing Bangladeshi students with their most distinguished scholarship opportunities.

Certain scholarships provide complete coverage of tuition fees, which is an exceptionally substantial amount.

In addition to international institutions, local universities such as Daffodil University, Eastern University, State University, and the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh are participating in this fair to showcase their finest offerings for the students.

Visa Assistance

The expo will offer visa assistance and over 15 insightful sessions by university representatives. If you are interested in studying abroad, this event will provide you with every relevant detail.

Information like your passport, visa application, visa categories, admissions procedure, pre-arrival support information, and everything else you require to study abroad.

So, if you have an aspiration to study abroad, then be ready to join the biggest education fair in Dhaka in 2024.

Financial Assistance and Consultation

Global EdExpoBD will help you estimate the cost of studying abroad; for instance, you will get a clear idea of the overall cost of living, health insurance, textbooks, and other miscellaneous expenses. Not only that, you will also get information about the opportunities for part-time jobs and internships, as well as additional advice on how to balance work and education.

On-Spot Admission

Foreign aficionados who are interested in establishing a future in a foreign nation should seize this opportunity. The event is providing students with spot admission so they can gain hassle-free access to their ideal university following their eligibility requirements.

Therefore, to make the most of this education expo, make some preparations. Like making a list of goals, investigating the participating universities, and taking questions. Bring copies of your academic records and a notepad. Keep an open mind and dress professionally to connect with reps and gather relevant information.

Benefits of Joining an Education Expo

An increasing number of students from Bangladesh are currently interested in studying abroad. The countries where people seek to study the most include the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, and many more.

You must attend this educational engagement for the following reasons:

  • Chance to know more than 350 universities from different countries.
  • Getting an evaluation on the spot from university officials.
  • Getting scholarship details from all the top-ranked universities.
  • Getting help and advice about universities as well as information about how to apply for and process visas.
  • Taking applications from agents of the universities.
  • Getting valuable guidance on career opportunities.
  • Knowing about different study options and their tentative costs.

 Wrapping Up: Education Expo Dhaka, Bangladesh 2024

Bangladesh Education Expo 2024 is not just an event; it is an opportunity to shape your future. By attending this expo, you will be able to explore the best educational options for you, get valuable insights from experts, and network with peers and mentors.

You will also be able to apply for scholarships, admissions, and visas with ease and confidence. This expo is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make your dreams come true.

So, what are you waiting for? Register today and feel free to join us at the BICC on February 25–26, 2024. Don’t miss this chance to discover the world of education and unlock your potential.

We look forward to seeing you at the Bangladesh Education Expo 2024, the ultimate destination for aspiring students and professionals.

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Global EdExpo 2024, hosted by Inpace, we proudly represent a legacy of excellence in marketing and event management since 1998. This event, spanning two days, will host over 350 universities from around the world, ready to guide and offer valuable visa processing advice. Anticipated to generate over 5 million social media impressions and attract more than 25,000 attendees, the expo will be covered extensively by over 50 local and foreign news outlets.